Is your PayPal account sending payments you don’t know about?

First of all, don’t go blaming PayPal for the information I’m about to share.

This is not a PayPal glitch, and PayPal could not be making payments on your behalf without your express authorization.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. This is what you need to know…

If you’ve used PayPal to pay for certain services, and based on the vendors’ terms of service (that most of us don’t actually read), you may have automatically set up recurring payments and/or subscription payments without being aware that you have.

How can you determine if  you have recurring/subscription payments activated?

This is the quickest way:

  • Log in to PayPal
  • In the Search field, type preapproved payments
  • From the search results, click on My preapproved payments

If you have any recurring payments set to deduct money from your PayPal account, this is where they’ll be listed.

You can click on each one to view the details and to cancel any recurring payments that you don’t want PayPal to pay.

Hopefully, this will keep you from having to dispute charges and spend time on live chat or the phone to get your money back.

4 thoughts on “Is your PayPal account sending payments you don’t know about?”

  1. Thanks for the info Faydra. I didn’t know this info existed in PayPal. It is defintiely something people need to know about. You don’t want phantom payments being sucked out of your account because of your negligence.

  2. This happened to me before. Paypal gave me the money back for all the charges but let the vendor keep charging my account after I followed all the steps to dispute and stop. The vendor even refered me back to paypal. The vendor acknowledged the error but I had to do the dispute several times. Eventually I just took away all my financial info from paypal. If I use them I pay then delete all the info.

    1. Goodness. It sounds like a huge hassle. I’m glad I had something to prompt me to dig a little deeper, or I would probably have been in the same boat you were. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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