I’m still a WordPress snob, but I’m giving Blogspot a go.

Anyone who has gotten to know me will tell you that a self-hosted WordPress blog is what I’d recommend to anyone and everyone who asks me which is better between Blogger and WordPress.

Being self-hosted just gives you more control, and I’ve been told I’m a control freak so… go figure. 😉

Anyway, I have a lot of associates who use Blogger, so I’ve decided to learn how to manipulate it and customize it, just in case any of those associates need help or want customization for their Blogspot blogs.

It’s almost never a bad thing to broaden your horizons.

Yes, I’m a WordPress snob, but follow my progress on learning all about Blogger.com at http://faydradeon.blogspot.com.

Ms. Chela has agreed to be my customization guinea pig once I get up to speed on how to customize blogspot blogs. Thanks, Che-Che! Now quit teasing me about losing that sandwich. 😆