Obama birth drama. Spare me.

There is really not a whole lot to say about the whole “birthers movement.”

This is the bottom line…

If it could have been credibly proven, without a shadow of doubt, that Barack Obama was not born on United States soil, he would have been confronted with the information right about the time the television series, “24,” became popular, just to make sure he didn’t get any grand ideas.

If it had been that simple to get rid of Barack Obama before he was ever able to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, they would have done so before he even took his first breath to speak the words, “I want to be President of the United States.”

If President Obama does plaster his birth certificate all over the world, and it’s a million times proven that he was born in the United States, then the next irrational ploy will be to determine if he was born in Hawaii before or after it became a state.

When it’s determined that he was born in Hawaii after it became a state, then the next unreasonable tactic will be to determine whether the date Hawaii became a state is valid or not.

Once the actual, true date of Hawaii’s statehood is validated, then they’ll be trying to determine if his mother’s citizenship in Kansas abridges President Obama’s right to call himself a US citizen when he was not born in the state of his mother’s resident, which will then get blown up into a debate of whether “anchor babies” are enough to keep immigrants in this country, and so on and so on and so on…

It’ll just be a never-ending, nonsensical cycle of some sort.


Those of us who are reasonable and thinking individuals, let’s move on and leave the nonsense to the birthers.

3 thoughts on “Obama birth drama. Spare me.”

  1. Ah, this was short, sensible & to the point! Sometimes, we don’t need a 10 page paper to make a great point. This goes to show, how silly the argument is. Quite frankly, it’s egregious, for some of these “Birther” types to continue down this path. It’s, beyond time to move forward. 

    Thank You, Faydra.

  2. Martin Van Buren was the 1st President born in the United States.  The rest of the Presidents shouldn’t have been allowed to be President.

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