Trashy liberation

Well, yesterday my Room Whisperer and I discovered that our goal of cleaning out three rooms of all its trash was too much to accomplish.

Remember in my earlier post where I said I have layers and layers of stuff?


That’s what caught up with us yesterday.

We did get out several bags of trash and some empty boxes, but it’s going to take more than one day to go through everything, especially since it’s all in three rooms.

I have to tell you… even though we didn’t get the entire job completed, it felt so good to get rid of and/or shred all that paper that wasn’t serving any purpose.

There were old sales papers, pre-approved credit card applications, postcards for local community colleges, magazines from companies trying to get me to buy their products, requests for donations in exchange for pocket calendars, restaurant menus and coupons, book club mailers for book clubs I’m not even a part of anymore and junk like that.

I whittled down the contents of three boxes into half a box of stuff I wanted/needed to keep. The rest is gone.

Decluttering is so liberating. Loosing it and letting it go is definitely the way to go. 🙂

Something else that’s important for me to keep in perspective…

Just because I have to change the plan doesn’t mean I have to abandon the plan. In the Army, they call it “overcoming and adapting” or “adjusting fire.” I’m still on course to clean out and clean up. It’s just going to take a little longer.

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