Thanks for the birthday shout out, Google…

I’ve been working all day, and I’ve had to go to several times.

You know how they’re always changing their logo when there’s a special occasion, right?

So I go there today, and the logo letters are in the shape of cakes and cupcakes with candles, and I was thinking, “Hm, I wonder whose birthday Google is celebrating today,” but I didn’t hover over the logo to see the caption until about 15 minutes ago.

Imagine my surprise when I saw, “Happy Birthday Faydra!”

It made me laugh from my belly, because I was like, “How the heck does Google know it’s my birthday?”

How indeed?

Well, it’s really a no-brainer.

I’m using the Google Chrome browser, and I’m logged into the browser with my Gmail account, which has my profile information listed in my settings.

When you sign up for a Gmail account, you have to enter your birthday.


Google knows my birthday, and they set up a special logo design just for me today. 😀



You guys know I’m not so gullible to believe that Google only did this for me, right?

I’m sure that anyone who’s logged into the Google Chrome browser on their birthday gets to see this, so I know I’m not special.


It’s very cool that Google does this for the millions of us who use their services.

Kudos, Google, for the extra touch!

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