I got a new cellphone…

…a couple of months back, and I was going to do the “buy back” program through Sprint on my old phone. Then I decided to keep it, because it’s still a good phone and I’ll have it if something happens to my current phone.

I know people who have traded in their old phones for new phones and then about two months into their new two-year contract something happened to their new phone; they dropped them and crack the screen or something that can’t be overlooked, like a little nick or scratch.

They go back to the cellphone store, and they’re told that they can’t get a new phone because they don’t have the protection plan or the protection plan they have is the cheapest one that doesn’t cover the damage they did to the phone.

So their choices are to:

  • keep their busted phone and wait for their upgrade in over a year and a half
  • go ahead and buy a new phone at full cost or try to catch one on sale online
  • leave with a loner phone from the cellphone store, which is usually some outdated flip-phone with few features

Even though I do pay monthly for the top-tier protection plan for my phone, it still makes sense to me to keep my old phone, because I can still use a lot of its features while I’m on a WiFi connection.

Also, even with that top-tier protection plan, you can only make so many claims in any given period.

So if I do have to file a claim to get my phone replaced and then something else goes awry, my only options won’t be one of those three choices above. 😀