Rent-free January!

I’ve been renting the same townhome since 2003, and my landlady has been a blessing and a half to the tenth power plus infinity!

When my ex-husband walked out on my in 2006, and my income tanked, she was uber-understanding and told me to pay my rent when I could. For about six months, I was paying little to no rent and then I finally got caught up and paid all my back rent. During that entire time, she never called or emailed or came knocking on my door asking me about the rent. She was a woman of her word and didn’t panic and assume she’d made a mistake by giving me a break. Well, maybe she panicked at home, but she didn’t let me know about it. 🙂

During all that time she wasn’t getting all or rent, she still sent maintenance people over here to deal with issues around the house. She even emailed me a few times to say, “Don’t think you can’t contact me if there are issues with the house. If you need something fixed or replaced, you need to let me know. Don’t wait until the rent is caught up. One has nothing to do with the other.” I’m paraphrasing, but this was the summary of all the emails.

Anyway, for the past few years, she’s always cut my January rent in half as a holiday gift for me being such a good tenant, she says.

This year, to my amazement and complete surprise, she cancelled the rent for January all together. I was elated! I was overjoyed! I was beyond grateful and humbled!

Thank God for my landlady. She makes it very hard for me to want to be a homeowner. She’s been so good to me throughout these past eight years.

3 thoughts on “Rent-free January!”

  1. Your land lady is truly a blessing from God. My land lord is nosey and intrusive. He finds every reason to come into my home, even when I don’t need anything. This year he cut my rent by $100 per month. I don’t want to complain because there is a lot of good in him. I just think that he over does in the land lord department. I guess it could be worse, he could never show up.

    1. Yes, it could be worse, but there’s a real issue to your privacy, too. Don’t discredit that. You might want to think about adding another lock that he doesn’t have a key to, so he’s not in your place when you don’t want him there, especially when you’re there. I don’t know if it’s legal, but that would be disturbing to me. I don’t like anyone in my space unless I know they’re coming. Thanks for reading and commenting. 😀

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