No rugs/carpet in the bathroom

So I went to the doctor’s office yesterday, because I’ve been having so much trouble sleeping since the earthquake and Hurricane Irene.

She prescribed a non-habit-forming sleep aid that I took last night. It worked OK, because I only took one pill and not two. She said it would knock me out for 10 hours, and I didn’t want to be down that long. Whew. I slept from about 8:30p until about 3-something. After I woke up the first time, I was able to go back to sleep until about 6a.

My doctor’s visit also revealed I’ve put back on almost 20 pounds. Not cool. So I got up this morning and went to the gym. I did an hour on the elliptical. The chicks on either side of me were going way faster than me, but I was just glad to be moving my body. I have a cruise in two months, and I am not going to be on the boat and be as big as a boat.

I came home, shaved my head and took a nice, long shower. It felt good after the workout.

So, what’s up with the title of this post?

I have this thing about rugs in the bathroom.

Since I don’t require people to remove their shoes at the front door, and I don’t do it either, I’ve always had this thing against rugs and/or carpet in the bathroom.

I mean, you go in there and use the toilet or sink with your shoes on and whatever’s on the bottom of your shoes becomes a part of the rug/carpet. Then you bathe/shower and step out with wet, bare feet on the same rug/carpet that’s there when you were in the bathroom in your shoes. Ewe.

I have a bath mat that I put down when I bathe/shower to step out on, but it goes over the side of the tub when I’m done. I don’t leave it on the floor to be stepped on when I’m in the bathroom in my shoes.

Call me crazy or weird, but everybody’s got their something.


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