It’s Gone!

Twitter finally suspended @sepesyru; that bogus account that stole my name, avatar and bio!

I contacted Twitter on 06 January about it, and it happened sometime late today!

Thanks to @IAMKJR for letting me know.

Thanks to everyone who blocked the account and/or reported it as spam.

There is power in numbers, and I appreciate you all helping me out with this!

I love you!

28 thoughts on “It’s Gone!”

    1. @faydra_deon I’m still shocked that not only your picture but your bio was on there. That’s bold.

        1. @faydra_deon I saw that. Twitter identity theft? Who would’ve thought that would happen?

        1. You did plenty. You related to my annoyance over the situation and you offered words of encouragement. That’s priceless.

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