In honor of Trayvon Martin…

This post will be short. That’s because there’s no need to draw it out.

In honor of Trayvon Martin, many people co-opted his images to use as their social media avatars or to write articles in outrage against his senseless killing.

I’m sure some folks actually paid a licensing fee to the Associated Press or Getty Images or some other such photo provider to use Trayvon Martin’s image for their own purposes.

I’m also confident that many people in the social media sphere did not.

“We showed that we supported his family by using his image, so what’s the big deal,” someone might ask.

This is the point…

They may certainly exist, but I personally have yet to see one social media account user change his/her avatar to George Zimmerman’s image, and Zimmerman was able to garner over $200,000 in donations for his legal defense.

Trayvon Martin’s father, after some hesitation, finally admitted to Tom Joyner on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, that Trayvon Martin’s family was struggling to pay the expenses for a decent burial for their son.

So this is my question…

What’s wrong with this picture?


Many thanks to Tom Joyner for offering the family financial assistance.

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