I thought Adobe was going to make it hard for me to switch…

Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription - Monthly Price) for Mac,Winto the student/teacher version of the Creative Cloud suite.

A year ago today, I signed up for the suite using the discount code for those who were previous CS owners, which dropped the monthly fee to $29.99.

After I’d already signed up under that discount, I discovered that I could have signed up under the student/teacher special pricing of the same amount without worrying about the discount.

I decided I’d just stick with what I had, since they were the same price, and I’d switch after my year was up, which happened to be today.

That’s when I got the email from Adobe thanking me for continuing my Creative Cloud subscription at $49.99 a month. Ouch!

I immediately went on the Adobe site and logged into live chat. The customer service rep’s screen name was Bony. 😀

He had me subscribe to the student/teacher version of the Creative Cloud Suite, where I had to provide my .edu email as proof that I am associated with a school/university, and then he canceled and refunded my payment for the full-priced version.

The whole process took about 10 minutes, maybe less. Awesome!

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