3 days…

There’s light at the end of the 2-week tunnel, y’all. 🙂

It’s almost over, and I’m so thankful that it went by so quickly and without incident.

I’ll be putting in some hours this weekend, but then that’s the last weekend I’ll have to give up to put money in someone else’s pocket for a good, long while.

I talked to my parents last night, and my Daddy told me he’s excited about seeing me.

That’s my first order of business when I’m done at the job. I’m going to spend about a week and a half with my parents, and I’m not going to have to worry about rushing back to work or working while I’m visiting them.

Of course, I’ll be doing some work for my own stuff, but I can do that while they’re both at work and then I can put it all to the side when they’re home. It hasn’t been like that in awhile. Even when my whole family gets together for holidays, my sister, me and my brothers are doing something for work; splitting our time with that and family.

I’m going home to be lazy.

Well, that’s partially true.

I told my mom when I get there we’re going to both get back on Weight Watchers, and we’re going to walk everyday. Other than that, I’m going to be lazy and eat my mother’s cooking. Maybe I’ll even be able to get my Daddy to make me some pancakes. 🙂

I’m thanking God for everything, because He made it so I could be headed in this new direction in my life.

To Him be all the glory, even if I’m the one who’s benefiting. 😉

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