Oh, no! I’ve forgotten how to read!!!

OK, I’m being melodramatic, and I didn’t complete the title. It should say…

Oh, no! I’ve forgotten how to read physical books.

So here’s what happened…

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I’ve been reading almost exclusively from my Kindle DX since I got it back in 2010, and my preferred place to read is in my bed each night before I go to sleep. The Kindle is flat and you click a button to turn the pages. With it’s cover, I can set it up in an upside-down “V” and read while I’m lying on my side.

Not so with a physical book.

I’ve been physical wrestling with The Hidden Life of Otto Frank for the last four days. I just can’t seem to find a comfortable position for lying down and reading this physical book, even though the content of the book is very interesting to me.

I can lie on my side and read one page, but when I have to move over to the second page I either have to switch sides or try to hold the book up so I can see the other page.

Switching sides is out of the question, since I read so quickly that I’ll be flip-flopping from side to side every two minutes, and holding the book up causes a cramp in my thumb.


I don’t know. I plan to read the book in its entirety, but I don’t think we’ll be friends when I’m done. 🙂

I can’t wait to get back to my Kindle.


3 thoughts on “Oh, no! I’ve forgotten how to read!!!”

  1. Yes, it’s definitely different reading on a kindle versus a book. I do both because I still love books too much. But I stay away from hard cover books for exactly the reason you mentioned. They’re just too heavy to hold up in bed. So I have to wait longer for books to come out in paperback. It’s worth it to me.

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