No more Fitbit app on my phone

No more Fitbit app on my phone

I’ve had many different versions of the Fitbit.

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Up until about an hour ago I had the app on my cellphone, but I deleted it.

Beginning about four days ago I started receiving a messages that Fitbit had lost access to my status bar notifications. At first I ignored it, because I don’t actually have notifications set up between my phone and the Fitbit. I didn’t buy the device for all that. Plus, I still got a status bar icon when my Fitbit needed charging.

However, when the notice didn’t go away I decided to check it out.

When I tapped the button to see what it was all about, I got the following message:

Enable Fitbit Notification Service? Fitbit Notification Service will be able to read all notifications posted by the system or any installed app, which may include personal information such as contact names and the text messages sent to you. It will also be able to dismiss these notifications or touch action buttons within them.

Um… Excuse me?

Why does the Fitbit app need to read the names of my contacts, read my text messages or touch action buttons from within any of my other notifications in order to show me information that’s being transmitted by my Fitbit device? If I have turned off receiving notifications through the app for any of my other apps, then why would I need to have Fitbit Notification Services activated.

Keep in mind… I don’t have any notifications going from my phone to my Fitbit. I turned all that stuff off. All of it. It makes no sense that I need to enable their notification service, yet I was still getting a message on my pull-down screen that I needed to enable Fitbit’s notification service.

No… That’s not happening. I removed the app and relegated to my Android tablet, where I don’t have any contacts, very few apps and from where I don’t send any text messages.

I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but Fitbit isn’t the only company with an app that is designed in a way to collect data about you and those you know that the company will most likely warehouse on a server somewhere and sell to some other company/companies.

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