Taking the Password Plunge!

For years, I’ve used essentially the same combination of passwords for all my accounts. There have been variations here and there so as not to be so predictable, but if a hacker got one of my passwords, s/he could probably get into about 10% of all my accounts.

Not anymore!

I have now taken the password plunge, and about 85% (and counting) of my accounts have totally different passwords.

This is no small feat, since I’m steadily joining more and more social media sites each day, but it’s necessary if I want to stay protected online. I can’t say I like it, and I definitely don’t love it, but I know it’s necessary, so I may as well put on my grown-up-girl panties and make it happen.

Now you know I’m not going to be able to keep all these passwords straight, so thank goodness for applications, like eWallet, that allow me to store my passwords on my computer and my mobile phone.

Eventually, I will get to know all of them, but then it will be time to change them once more! 🙂