President Obama will never be effective

Don’t get me wrong.

The title of this post is “President Obama will never be effective,” not “President Obama cannot be effective” or “President Obama hasn’t tried to be effective.”

I could make this a long and drawn-out post, itemizing all the ways President Obama will never be effective, but when you boil it all down to starch there’s really only one thing that affects his ability to be effective: his skin color.

President Obama will never be effective, because too many people don’t want to work with him so he can be effective.

Maybe only Rush Limbaugh said it out loud, but there are so many others like Rush who want to see the President fail. They don’t want him to be as effective as he could possibly be, because that would obliterate the myth that people of color have the intestinal fortitude and the intellect to lead just as effectively as anyone else.

What’s ironic is that these same people who want the President to fail don’t realize that his failure is the country’s failure. While President Obama is meeting with all this opposition from people who could help him help America succeed, it is actually Americans who are suffering.

I was watching the news yesterday, and the anchor was making the point that the Republicans want to approve $6 trillion in loans and President Obama wanted to approve $7 trillion in loans to help stimulate the American economy. Am I the only sane person who sees that that’s not really a huge leap?

I mean, if the Republicans were saying we could do it with only $3.5 trillion and the President was saying we had to have $7 trillion, then I could see there being this major push-back from Republicans. However, based on a difference of one step up in cost, Republicans have deemed President Obama’s plan too costly.

This is the kind of nonsense that is being played out in America today. It’s almost like the Republicans are simply playing devil’s advocate so nothing can be done to move America forward.

The bottom line…

Regardless of whether anyone comes right out to say, “We’re not going to help him because he’s a black,” their actions are speaking much louder than their wordlessness.