SolaPress’ first client’s eBook is available!

I originally created my first publishing company, Sola Mente Publishing, to publish my own books, and then I had the bright idea that I’d help others get published.

So I started SolaPress!

I’m happy to announce that my first client’s eBook is now available on Amazon!

Shook by Maxine Brothers

To the world outside her home, Kara is a professional student. She has multiple degrees and seems to be interested in acquiring more.

To the world inside her home, Kara is a stone-cold, 30-year-old assassin.

When her mother is killed, she decides it’s time to get out of “The Life,” but she’s planning to leave the game in a much different way than one might expect.

Now that it’s time to get out, Kara has decided to leave “The Life” shook.

Her biography…

Maxine Brothers has been an writer since the day she first picked up a pen. She is an inspiration to other writers, providing both support and assurance in the endeavors of others. She has exercised her abilities through different creative writing means, i.e. poetry and stories, coupled with article submissions to magazines. Ms. Brothers has worked on different projects offering opportunities to other lovers of the arts. The articles she submits to magazines vary from poetry submissions to advice columns to general informative pieces. Additionally, Maxine offers other artist the ability to showcase their work through the different magazines she writes for. In conjunction with writing, Ms. Brothers has worked with other artist to hold different poetry events and artist showcase events. Her accomplishments thus far are only the beginning.

I’m looking forward to helping more authors get published! If you’re interested, check out the information SolaPress!