Who are YOU to pray for me?

I was just on Facebook, and I got an instant message from someone I don’t even know.

Here’s the conversation:

Her: we are praying for you today

Me: Thank you. Any particular reason I made your prayer list?

Her: God Bless- The Lord led me to pray for you today The trials and hardship are about to have a breakthrough for a testimony in your life – You have a strong voice for the Lord and He is preparing you to speak it

Me: Awesome! Thanks for being obedient to Him.

Her: Be Blessed

Me: Thank you. You be blessed, also.

When I got the first instant message, my initial reaction was to be skeptical.

As a Believer, that’s not the most desirable first reaction to have. I mean, just because I didn’t know this person doesn’t mean God didn’t tell her to pray for me. It doesn’t mean God didn’t give her a message for me.

I immediately checked that reaction and became grateful.

I mean, God sent Jesus and we didn’t know Him either, but He prophesied and prayed for us and told us to follow His example, so who am I to question who God sends to pray for me?

I’m just glad He’s paying attention.