George Zimmerman…acting as an agent of the police?

There’s not a whole lot that needs to be said on why George Zimmerman should have been found guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

The six-panel jury found Zimmerman not guilty because of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Because of this, they decided that a crime was not committed when Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed youth.

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I thought Adobe was going to make it hard for me to switch…

Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription - Monthly Price) for Mac,Winto the student/teacher version of the Creative Cloud suite.

A year ago today, I signed up for the suite using the discount code for those who were previous CS owners, which dropped the monthly fee to $29.99.

After I’d already signed up under that discount, I discovered that I could have signed up under the student/teacher special pricing of the same amount without worrying about the discount.

I decided I’d just stick with what I had, since they were the same price, and I’d switch after my year was up, which happened to be today.

That’s when I got the email from Adobe thanking me for continuing my Creative Cloud subscription at $49.99 a month. Ouch!

I immediately went on the Adobe site and logged into live chat. The customer service rep’s screen name was Bony. 😀

He had me subscribe to the student/teacher version of the Creative Cloud Suite, where I had to provide my .edu email as proof that I am associated with a school/university, and then he canceled and refunded my payment for the full-priced version.

The whole process took about 10 minutes, maybe less. Awesome!

I’ve been using my Jawbone UP for several weeks now

I’ve been using my Jawbone UP for several weeks now: It’s really awesome! I can shower in it and everything!

The best part is that I wear it on my wrist, like a watch.

Before the UP, I had the Fitbit Zip and the Bodymedia armband, but they were a hassle for me.

The Fibit Zip I had to remember to clip to my clothes.

The BodyMedia device I had to wear around my forearm.

With both, I’d forget to put them on, or they just felt like they were in the way.

I tried to get the Fitbit version that you wear on your wrist, but it was on backorder forever, so I canceled that order and went with the UP.

I have no complaints about making a different choice. 😀

When did I say I was better than you?

Have you ever noticed that it is the people who feel they are inferior to you who will tell you not to act like you’re better than them?

I have never said to anyone “I’m better than you, so listen to my advice,” but the person who feels inferior will usually accuse me of “believing” I’m better than them.

In actuality, the belief doesn’t come from the one being accused. It comes from the one doing the accusing.

Feelings don’t truly make anyone inferior to anyone else. Thank goodness feelings aren’t reality, even if feelings feel like the only reality.

Happy Mother’s Day, Tyrone!

Back on Father’s Day 2011 I wrote an article entitled, “Mother’s Day doesn’t come with a disclaimer, so STOP doing it on Father’s Day,” and now I’m back this Mother’s Day to acknowledge three fathers who have raised and/or are raising their child(ren) and have provided and/or are providing the majority of care for their little one(s).

The first two fathers I’ll have to mention only by example, because I don’t have permission from them to use their names and/or photos in this article, and I don’t want to disrespect their privacy. Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, Tyrone!

Twitter Conversation: Access to the tools does not equal proficiency…

This Twitter conversation started with the following tweet:

In reply to it, @dioninfinite tweeted me the following:

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Are you a designer/developer or just an activator?

I started doing web design/development back in 1999 when I was in the Army. At my first duty station, they made me a Webmaster and sent me to my first HTML-coding class.

Since then, I’ve graduated from an application called FirstPage to Microsoft FrontPage to Macromedia Dreamweaver to Adobe Dreamweaver to WordPress/JOOMLA!/Drupal to using Dreamweaver and WordPress/JOOMLA!/Drupal together as a web designer/developer.

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