My First Twitterview!

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the founder of Yellow Dogg Designs, Mark Bailey (@doggdaze), if he could interview me for his Women’s History Month series.

Of course, I was flattered that he’d think I was substantial enough to add value to his blog, so I resoundingly said, “YES!”

We exchanged email addresses, and he told me he’d send me the details.

When he finally did, he told me that he was planning a Twitterview; an interview on Twitter.

I was like, “Whoa.”

I was familiar with TweetChat, but I was kind of interested to see how an interview would go strictly on Twitter.

I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the concept once I was in the midst of the interview.

Instead of creating @mentions, we simply used the interview hashtag to allow people to follow the Twitterview. It allowed for maximum use of the 140-character limit on Twitter.

It took a little over an hour for Mark to pose 11 questions and for me to tweet my answers.

The whole experience was great!

You can see the entire Twitterview with me, Faydra Deon on Mark’s blog.


Forgiveness is a process.

You have to start by doing it and then you have to continue to walk in it.

Forgiving and forgetting are two, different things. Even when you’re mad or sad, you can give yourself the gift of forgiveness. Usually, to forgive is more for you than it is for the person you’re forgiving.

Forgiving helps you move on, not the other person.

God says He’ll forgive us and forget our sins. If God can forgive and forget, who are we to continue to remember past hurts that we say we’ve forgiven?

Forgiving begins the process. Forgetting transcends the process.

Now we have to ask ourselves, “What does it mean to forget?”

-this was my response to a question on Facebook. I thought it’d make a good post.

2 days…

It’s Saturday, and I’m at the job finishing up things that need to be finalized by Monday.

However, I don’t mind because I won’t be working any more weekends for anyone else anytime soon once this weekend is done.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to get back in the gym and get healthy.

My plan is to go when they open at 5a, do an hour of something—treadmill, elliptical, basketball, swimming—then spend about 20 minutes in the steam room, come home and shower and then get back in bed for a 2-hour nap.

I figure when I’m first starting out I’m going to need that nap, because I won’t have the stamina I’ll be in the process of developing when I first start out. Eventually, the nap won’t be necessary, but I’m working it in at the beginning because it’s just foolish not to. My body will let me know when it’s ready to go from workout straight to working. Until then, a nap is on the agenda.

Goodness! It feels awesome just to be able to plan a nap in my day like that. I’ve missed being self-employed since I went back to working full time.

Just think. In two days, me and self-employment meet again.

I’m looking forward to embracing my old friend and saying hello.

3 days…

There’s light at the end of the 2-week tunnel, y’all. 🙂

It’s almost over, and I’m so thankful that it went by so quickly and without incident.

I’ll be putting in some hours this weekend, but then that’s the last weekend I’ll have to give up to put money in someone else’s pocket for a good, long while.

I talked to my parents last night, and my Daddy told me he’s excited about seeing me.

That’s my first order of business when I’m done at the job. I’m going to spend about a week and a half with my parents, and I’m not going to have to worry about rushing back to work or working while I’m visiting them.

Of course, I’ll be doing some work for my own stuff, but I can do that while they’re both at work and then I can put it all to the side when they’re home. It hasn’t been like that in awhile. Even when my whole family gets together for holidays, my sister, me and my brothers are doing something for work; splitting our time with that and family.

I’m going home to be lazy.

Well, that’s partially true.

I told my mom when I get there we’re going to both get back on Weight Watchers, and we’re going to walk everyday. Other than that, I’m going to be lazy and eat my mother’s cooking. Maybe I’ll even be able to get my Daddy to make me some pancakes. 🙂

I’m thanking God for everything, because He made it so I could be headed in this new direction in my life.

To Him be all the glory, even if I’m the one who’s benefiting. 😉

4 days…

It’s so awesome that two of the next four days are weekend days! 😀

I will probably be going in, though, because I just want to get everything done that I said I’d get done before I leave.

One of the things I plan to do while working for me is to create custom WordPress themes. I already have the domain. I bought it about four months ago. It’s where I’ll be showcasing and selling my custom themes. Actually, I registered two domains, because I couldn’t decide which was the better name.

What do you think?

Should I use or

Dang! Will 14 February hurry up and get here! “I’m ret ta go!” 😆

5 days…

Five more days, and I’ll be free of this job!

I’ve been making lists of all the things I have and want to do.

My house needs a lot of attention. There are so many things to donate, sell and just simply throw away!

The decluttering will begin when I get back from my parents’.

I took some “before” pictures this morning, and I’m going to take some “after” pictures when the whole place is cleaned and junk-free.

I’ve also got some amendments to do for taxes. I need to get some of my money back from the IRS. 😀

Sigh. Five more days…

6 days…

In six days, I’ll be back to self-employment. Whew. I’m counting the days, y’all, as you can see.

I’ve got to teach today and tomorrow, and then Thursday and Friday I’ll be wrapping up all the other stuff at the job.

Then there’s the weekend, which I’ll probably spend at the job, wrapping up more loose ends.

Then Monday is the last day.

Even though I’m quitting my job, I still plan to work

Everyone is asking me what I plan to do when I leave my current full-time job on 14 February 2011.

For some reason, there are a few folks who are under the impression that I’m just planning to be a bum and not work. 😆 Nothing could be further from the truth, trust me.

I’ll be working. I’ll just be working for myself. Going back to being self-employed simply means I’m going to be my own boss; not that I don’t have to work at all.

As a matter of fact, I’ll be working harder because everything will be my responsibility, and I’m excitedly looking forward to every minute of it! :mrgreen:

So what exactly will I be doing? That seems to be everyone’s question. So here’s my list:

  • I will be re-establishing my online used/out-of-print bookstore. This is something I had to put to the side when I started working full time at my current job. I’ve got over 8,000 books in my basement and around my house that need to be re-listed for sale in my store and on some third-party book-selling sites.
  • I will continue to offer web design and development services, and I’ll actually have more time to devote to this, and I won’t have to turn business away, which is what I’ve done for the past two months.
  • I will be writing way more articles for my columns.
  • I will be standing up five new blog/websites, three of which will be social networks geared toward specific audiences. I’m totally looking forward to this!!!
  • I will continue to write my “30 Quotes 30 Days” series, and I’ll be expanding into two, new spin-off series; “30 Scriptures 30 Days,” and “30 Reflections 30 Days.”
  • I will be finishing my first novel and a book on WordPress plugins.
  • I will be offering social media assistant services, along with search engine optimization services eventually. This will be one of the last things I implement from my list.
  • I will be offering virtual training on all the classes that I was teaching for my current employer. I’m working on that site right now, because I want to start those classes in March.
  • I will be getting the points-for-prizes portion of My Question of the Day updated, so that people know exactly how many points they have and so I can add more contests. This has fallen way, too far behind.
  • I will be teaching classes at a local community college starting in the summer, and I’m totally looking forward to that!

I’ll be doing several other things, but the above is the bulk of what I’ll be focusing my time and attention on, so you see I have plenty to keep me busy. 😀

Another thing I plan to start doing is working out regularly. Since I’ll be on my time, I can make that a priority, and I don’t have to rush it. That’s going to be great!