Food for thoughts: hurt feelings…

It is better to have your feelings hurt by someone who tells you the truth to help you be better than to have your feelings hurt once you realize you were lied to in order to spare your feelings.

In the end, you are back where you began: with hurt feelings.

What you have to decide is whether you want your feelings hurt for now or forever.

What number of reviews should a book have before you consider it to have a solid reputation?

The eBooks I tweet about on my Twitter timeline and on the Twitter genre accounts I started meet a specific criteria that I decided was appropriate.

In my opinion, I tweet about highly-rated eBooks to help people wade through the abundance of eBooks available for free and for sale nowadays.

The following are the minimum requirements I came up with:

  • the eBook must be available on
  • the eBook must have a 4.5 out of 5 stars or better rating
  • the eBook must have at least forty-five (45) reviews

The first two criteria are non-negotiable, and the second one I’m firmly set on. If you’ve lost more than half a star, and you have over 45 reviews, then my opinion is that your book is not highly rated. Again, this is just my opinion, so it’s fine if you have a different opinion.

The point that I’m up in the air about is how many reviews should an eBook have before it is considered to have a solid reputation?

I mean, I have set the number at forty-five (45). My original threshold was fifty (50), but I lowered it to include those eBooks that were right on the cusp of 50 reviews.

I wonder, however, if the number should be higher or lower than 45.

What do you think?

Feel free to comment here or reply to the original tweet. I’d really like to know what other people think.