Liberation Lyrics by India Arie

This post is of four songs by India Arie that I find inspiring and liberating. I share a few lines before each video about what specifically each song means to me and for me.

Enjoy! :grin:

Just Do You

This song has become my personal anthem. I started listening to it at least three times every morning to start my day. It truly motivates me. :grin:

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Thanks for the birthday shout out, Google…

I’ve been working all day, and I’ve had to go to several times.

You know how they’re always changing their logo when there’s a special occasion, right?

So I go there today, and the logo letters are in the shape of cakes and cupcakes with candles, and I was thinking, “Hm, I wonder whose birthday Google is celebrating today,” but I didn’t hover over the logo to see the caption until about 15 minutes ago. Continue reading Thanks for the birthday shout out, Google…

My mother’s pro-choice…

45 years and about nine months ago, my mother was a college student and a single parent to my older sister.

That’s not to say my daddy wasn’t around, because he was, as he was a student at the same college where my mother was a student.

And, of course, he was there when my mother got pregnant with me. :grin:

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Once upon a time: a lesson in authentic charity…

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Marvin whose home was a cardboard box deep in the city park that existed in the middle of a very busy part of the downtown business district.

Many homeless people lived deep in the park, because they knew that all the busy people going to and from work were good prospects for a few dollars here and there.

Marvin even had regular contributors who Continue reading Once upon a time: a lesson in authentic charity…

George Zimmerman…acting as an agent of the police?

There’s not a whole lot that needs to be said on why George Zimmerman should have been found guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

The six-panel jury found Zimmerman not guilty because of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Because of this, they decided that a crime was not committed when Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed youth.

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When did I say I was better than you?

Have you ever noticed that it is the people who feel they are inferior to you who will tell you not to act like you’re better than them?

I have never said to anyone “I’m better than you, so listen to my advice,” but the person who feels inferior will usually accuse me of “believing” I’m better than them.

In actuality, the belief doesn’t come from the one being accused. It comes from the one doing the accusing.

Feelings don’t truly make anyone inferior to anyone else. Thank goodness feelings aren’t reality, even if feelings feel like the only reality.